12 October 2007

Goat tracks...

Another blog is created, which is nothing new. The same way as this one blog is not supposed to bring anything new. It is simply aimed at sharing existing views of the world.

It is based on the belief that there is not only one truth, one way, one perspective. That there is not just right or wrong, good or evil... That the world has many truths, as many as there are living beings, and that they should all be considered…

This way, also this blog will reflect certain truths or interpretations of the reality, not assuming to be better than any other. Nevertheless, it will reflect concerns about the world today. Try to explore the minor tracks, like goat tracks, which no matter how permanent or ephemeral, allow us to cross the reality landscape through routes different from the main information highways. This way giving value to the pluralism and the multitude of opinions, and trying to give voice, in the best way possible, to ideas and perspectives that may otherwise not reach further.


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