19 November 2007

Planet Ocean: Photo stories from the 'Defending our Oceans' voyage

This photobook, a joint publication by New Internationalist and Greenpeace, gathers incredible photographs taken on a 477-day voyage around the globe, which constituted the single largest expedition that Greenpeace has ever undertaken.

Three quarters of the planet is ocean and 80 per cent of all life lives here. They give us so much, yet we know relatively little about them. Planet Ocean is a window onto this secret world. Despite the vastness of the oceans we now know that they are in crisis, struggling to absorb the impact of our destructive ways. This is the story of our oceans - their extraordinary beauty and diversity of life - and the equally astounding ways in which they are exploited.

Greenpeace's "Defending our Oceans" campaign exposes the threats to the marine ecosystems, confronts the villains and promotes solutions such as a global network of ocean parks called marine reserves.

The main threats identified include:
  • Industrial fishing
  • Bycatch
  • Unfair fisheries
  • Fish farming
  • Global warming
  • Pollution
As for the book, and according to Greenpeace, it seems like it is selling out and there is already a second print on the line. I am sure it is worth every page...

Planet Ocean photobook, New Internationalist
Planet Ocean, New Internationalist
State of the world's Oceans, New Internationalist
Defending our Oceans campaign, Greenpeace
Defending our Oceans expedition, Greenpeace
Greenpeace Esperanza's photos, Flickr

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